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We are a team of experienced and specialized fitness professionals

A workout at The High 5 is to be experienced. Our passion is the people we serve. With more than 15 years of personal training experience working with various populations, we provide multiple ways to help you reach your fitness goals. Schedule a consultation today and get started on your fitness journey with The High 5 Fitness!


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We take a holistic approach to fitness. Whether you are a beginner or looking to mix up your workout routine, we can help and challenge you. We meet you where you are mentally and physically and then help you set and achieve your goals, holding you accountable along the way. Often times it’s the mental roadblocks that keep us from being where we want to be physically. We at The High 5 help you to understand yourself. We will educate you about proper nutrition, how to work out, as well as discuss your lifestyle and habits that may be working against you. Schedule a consultation with one of our fitness professionals today and let’s get started on a new you!

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