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You can click the red button on the home screen and fill out the information or contact us by texting 334 740 8442 to set up a day and time to come by.

It is something to be experienced. The group fitness classes are a family and the personal trainers train and meet you as an individual often times tailoring your experience to your physical abilities and personality. Just like not all bodies are the same, neither are personalities and that’s where having a background in psychology comes in. There is an element of life coaching that goes into each session. We look at the individual from a holistic standpoint, training the body, mind, and spirit.

Yes. Everyone at The High 5 Fitness is a personal trainer, which is different from being a coach, and is able to adjust and modify workouts as needed to still be effective and target specific muscle groups.

The High 5 Fitness is a studio styled gym with group personal training classes offered throughout the day. We strive to create a non-intimidating, fast and fun environment. Everyone here from the staff to those working out is very encouraging and motivating. We are here for those who want to work out but are not sure what to do or how to get started. We also have personal training options available. Wear attire that you feel comfortable working out in, shoes that are supportive and able to run in, and if you would like bring a bottle of water. Eat a light meal or snack an hour before working out. There are 2 group workouts on the board, one is cardio based, the other strength based to allow for flexibility. Who doesn’t like options!

Our workouts are designed to accommodate all fitness levels, ages, and abilities. The workouts are a combination of functional body weight movements, weights, and cardio equipment designed to help you lose weight, tone up, get stronger and achieve new levels of fitness! We have worked with people who have never worked out before, those with disabilities, those training for half or whole marathons, Ironman triathletes, as well as athletes from youth league to professionals.

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